Gastric carcinoid

Mr Jacques, a 55 year farmer had an endoscopy performed for dyspepsia. It showed:

What is the diagnosis?

Carcinoid tumour affecting the proximal greater curvature

Discuss the endoscopic diagnosis of carcinoid tumour?

  • Carcinoid tumours arise from the neuroendocrine cells in the mucosa and submucosa.
  • They have a white, yellow or gray appearance that can be observed through the intact mucosa. The yellow colour is a result of cholesterol and lipid accumulation within the tumour.
  • They may be intramural masses, or they may protrude into the lumen as polypoid nodules. The overlying gastric or intestinal mucosa may be intact or have focal ulceration.
  • Although carcinoid tumours can be subepithelial, deep biopsies often helps in establishing the diagnosis histologically.

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