Units: Conventional Standard

Maddrey’s modified Discriminant Function (mDF)

Pt's Prothrombin Time (PT) sec
Lab Control Prothrombin Time (PT) sec
Pt's Serum Total Bilirubin μmol/L
Discriminant Function points  

≥32 points indicates poor prognosis and patient may benefit from glucocorticoid therapy.

American College of Gastroenterology defines severity of alcoholic hepatitis as a modified Discriminant Function (mDF) ≥ 32 and/or hepatic encephalopathy. This is calculated as mDF = 4.6 (PTpatient–PTcontrol)+ serum bilirubin (µmol/l)/17.1

This is based on recent studies where a mDF ≥ 32 and/or hepatic encephalopathy was associated with a 65% 28-day survival in placebo treated patients. While those with a score less than 32 had a survival of 93%.American College of Gastroenterology recommends prednisolone should be used in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis ( where mDF ≥ 32) in whom the diagnosis is certain.

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