Balloon dilators

Balloon dilator

CRE ™ (controlled radial expansion) Balloon Dilatation Catheter- Boston Scientific commonly called TTS (Through the scope) balloon

Balloon dilators are designed to be used through the scope (TTS) and are available in wire-guided or non-wire guided (fixed wire) versions. These balloons are expanded via pressure injection of liquid (e.g. saline, water, radiopaque contrast). Some balloons are designed to expand to a single diameter while others are designed to inflate to multiple diameters.
Multi-Diameter Balloon Dilators is designed to deliver 3 distinct, pressure-controlled diameters in 1 balloon at 3 separate pressures. Since 3 sizes can be achieved with 1 balloon pass, the procedure is potentially shorter and less expensive than dilation with a single-diameter balloon

Standard sizes are:

The balloon hub of the catheter is attached to an integrated inflation system such as ALLIANCE™ or other 60cc inflation device with gauge to monitor the balloon pressure.

Achalasia balloon

Achalasia balloons are large diameter (30, 35, and 40 mm), non-TTS, and wire-guided radial expansion balloon dilators. They are positioned across the oesophago-gastric junction using fluoroscopic and/or endoscopic guidance. The balloon is insufflated with air (unlike water or saline in TTS balloons) and monitored manometrically.

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