Discuss the test?
Selenium-75 labeled Homotaurocholic Acid Test (75SeHCAT)  involves the administration of a selenium75 labeled synthetic bile acid (homotaurocholic acid) orally, followed by measurement of retention of the bile acid by whole body scan or gamma camera at seven days (abnormal is less than 5 percent, normal is >12%, equivocal is between 5 and 12%).

What is the indication for SeHCAT test?

Bile Acid Malabsorption

This can cause symptoms of chronic diarrhoea. Three types of bile acid malabsorption are recognised:
Type 1: following ileal disease or resection or bypass surgery.
Type 2: primary idiopathic malabsorption.
Type 3: associated with cholecystectomy, peptic ulcer surgery, chronic pancreatitis, coeliac disease and diabetes mellitus.
Bile acids are cathartic to colonic mucosa, and impair sodium and water absorption.

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