Oesophageal dilators

Dilation devices can be of two types: fixed-diameter push-type dilators and radial expanding balloon dilators.
Fixed-–diameter push-type dilators exert axial as well as radial forces as they are advanced through a stenosis. Balloon dilators exert radial forces when expanded within a stenosis.
Push-type dilators are non-TTS (through the scope) devices. They are available in a variety of designs, calibres and lengths.

Types of Push dilators:

  • Hurst and Maloney (Medovations, Milwaukee, WI) dilators- also referred to as ‘bougies and are designed for self use by the patients.
  • Savary-Gilliard® (Wilson-Cook Medical, Inc, Winston-Salem, NC) dilators have a long tapered tip with a central channel for passage of a guidewire.
  • American Dilation System® (CRBard, Inc, Billerica, MA) dilators have a shorter taper tip.

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