Jejunal feeding tubes

Although there are reports of blind passage of NJ tubes at the bedside, the success rate is often not replicated in clinical practice. NJ tubes are thus placed either endoscopically or radiologically.

Nasojejunal tubes are smaller than nasogastric tubes and are thus more prone to kinking and blockages. Thus 10 or 12 F tunes are preferred.


Freka® Endolumina Nasojejunal Feeding Tube

8F tube- it can be passed through the biopsy channel of the scope. The proximal end of the tube is backloaded from the oral cavity into the nasal cavity using a nasal transfer tube

Corflo ® Nasojejunal Feeding Tubes

10F or 12 F. This cannot be passed through the scope (not TTS)

Flocare Bengmark Naso-Intestinal Tube

8F or 10F

It has a terminal spiral (this is kept straight by the guideline to aid insertion) which helps in spontaneous passage through the pylorus in 8-12 hours, if placed blindly. This tube can also be passed endoscopically or radiologically

Bengmark tube insertion video

Freka® CH9 Intestinal Tube for CH15 PEG

This is a 9F extension tube which can inserted in the jejunum endoscopically via the PEG tube.

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