About us

Gastrotraining is an educational portal owned,financed and managed by Deepak Kejariwal and Deb Ghosh (both consultant gastroenterologists in England). There is no conflict of interest or influence on editorial independence from the owners/financers. We are humbled to provide this portal to you. We thank all our contributors who joined in the mission.

We as trainees felt that there were fundamental deficiencies, discrepancies and variability in our training. We found no website dedicated to gastroenterologists training requirements. This resource is an attempt to address these lacunae by providing the core knowledge in an easily assimilable manner.  We feel that each of us has a role to play in training, education and thus improving GI services and health, not only in our hospitals, but globally.

The portal aims to provide:

1. Step by step guide to most of the commonly done endoscopic procedures.

2. Images and videos to enhance learning Coverage of the core curriculum of  Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

3. Knowledge is presented in a practical way and distilled manner in Socrates style with evidence base.

4. Interactive learning-there is an option to exchange ideas and experiences or to clarify doubts on every topic.

5. Gastro Calculators

6. A dynamic and interactive medium to keep pace with the rapidity of changes in the medical sciences.

The portal is free to use and is aimed at gastroenterology professionals. We hope that you find the portal useful and it goes someway in fulfilling your training requirements and also forms part of your continuing professional development.

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