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Gastrotraining is a unique educational portal designed to educate and inform gastroenterology professionals. We seek to engage gastroenterologists and other professionals to develop educational content on the portal for free and effective dissemination around the world. The editorial team will ensure that the portal develops in a world class and complete educational portal for gastroenterology professionals.

Gastrotraining editors will be leading clinicians who will be in complete control of the functioning of their sub-speciality on the portal. They will ensure that their sub speciality is managed effectively by ensuring all the content is accurate and uptodate with appropriate references, soliciting content from leading experts, communicating with users as needed on our forums and directing the debate in their sub-speciality. They will ensure this by appointing and working with their associate editorial team. Editors will also communicate with our advisory board and advice gastrotraining management on various scientific and policy matters concerning the portal.

The appointment of editors will be typically for duration of two years. The period may be extended further or terminated with mutual agreement.

Each gastrotraining section will have multiple editors. The editors can appoint further associate editors to manage their section.

Associate editors are generally junior (usually trainees) gastroenterology members who manage the individual sections along with the editors.

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